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AOL Autos writer Gary Hoffman
quotes members 
extensively in his October 24, article
 founder and public relations officer featured on "Michigan Matters" with Carol Cain. Sunday, June 21st 2009, 11AM on Detroit's Channel 62 (CBS)

On the next Michigan Matters,  Carol Cain finds out how to keep dollars and cents right here in Michigan from people who are working overtime to help educate consumers and businesses about that. 

Cain's guests include Chris Vitale and Roger Popke from FairImage.Org
,   Shary Brown and Karen Delhey from the Ann Arbor Street Fair, Marshall and Jan Rice from, and Linda Petty who created the downtown shopping initiative called "Strolling On the Strip."

Chris Vitale also went online when he was laid off — temporarily, he hopes — by Chrysler. His website,, explores how U.S. trade and energy policies affect the auto industry....

Listen to the Car Concerns Radio interview with founder Chris Vitale
 (It starts with a CBS radio news update, the interview begins at the 6:30 mark)









FairImage founder interviewed by the UK's Sky TV News (above) about the Chrysler bankruptcy filing. 



Click the video on the left and see Dave Leval's story about our group, which aired on Detroit's Channel 20, ten o'clock news 









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